The Hwa Chong Science Students' Research Council (SSRC) hopes to reach out to younger students in the national community through a 3 day non-residential camp. The Young Scientists' Experiential Camp (YSEC) thus provides the learning and aspiring platform for Secondary School students to discover their interest and passion in Science. Together with state-of-the-art facilities in the Hwa Chong Science Research Centre, the YSEC gives these students an opportunity to explore regions of Science which are often insufficiently expressed in an academically driven classroom environment.

The YSEC will be organized alongside the ISYF in promotion of Science in both international and regional communities. By converging the two events together, the SSRC will be given more opportunities to promote and instill an interest towards Science Research.

YSEC provides a platform for the learning and discovery of new scientific concepts. The 3 lab sessions and 3 hands-on activities in YSEC are designed to expose participants to a myriad of science knowledge that can aid them not only in their daily lives, but also in their future research work. Held from 13June to 15 June, YSEC seeks to be an enjoyable respite from the hectic Secondary School life, as well as providing an insight to the possibilities which Hwa Chong Institution can offer in molding their future directions in Science Research.

Aims and Objectives

Through YSEC, Hwa Chong SSRC hopes to:
  1. Expose Secondary School students to modern demonstrations and approaches in conducting Science Research,
  2. Develop an interest towards Science Research and further studies in the various fields of Science,
  3. Inspire students to achieve greater success in their Sciences by promoting interest towards the subject,
  4. Promote cohesion among Secondary School students, and
  5. Create an integrated platform for Secondary School students to interact with fellow peers, as well as senior mentors from Hwa Chong Institution.