9th March 2012

Dear students,

This survey is intended for 2010-2011 JC2 Science Research Students (SRP, NRP and CenTaD).

The objective of this survey is to obtain information regarding your intentions with regards to university, course and scholarship applications.
In the past, some students were unaware of certain specific requirements for each scholorship application with the result of losing the opportunity for the scholarship.

Based on your feedback, we would like to provide you with the relevant information where appropriate.

We also like to keep track of your choice of studies and scholarship application to determine the correlation between science research activities in school and your eventual university and scholarship choices.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you for participating in this survey.

Warmest regards,
Lim JN
Dr. Lim Jit Ning
Senior Consultant / Research
Hwa Chong Institution
email: limjn@hci.edu.sg